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  • Why we work with other International Academies: We chose other International Academies to enable us form top technicians that can either be creative industry entrepreneurs or be readily absorbed into the international job market.


Linus Idahosa Del-York International

Master Classes

Our Master Courses are designed for professionals in marketing, corporate communications, advertising and PR reporting for private and public institutions.

We are building a rich entrepreneurial foundation, committed to facilitate an environment that develops high-quality human and intellectual property with the relevant skills to deal with the rigors of a fast-expanding and ever-changing entertainment industry.

    Broadcast Journalism

    This course is the spine of the program and encompasses the principles and foundation of news-gathering and production. All student projects are introduced in class and it is the venue where they are viewed and critiqued. Topics include: writing, story ideas and development, research, basic reporting, producing and directing single camera shoots. Classes are geared towards preparing students for their own productions.

    Final Cut Pro, After Effects & Adobe

    Software editing Workshops are designed to serve the needs of different types of students. For students contemplating a longer-term education in editing or a career in the industry, it is an excellent introduction to advanced levels in the field. This course gives students all the necessary skills to edit with the Final Cut Pro software, Adobe Premiere and related environments and knowledge of the editing craft from an artistic point of view.

    The Business of the Creative Industry

    This course provides a well-grounded platform for students to understand the film terrain of Nigeria and Africa as an industry. It enables students to understand the business angle of filming, its challenges, focus and marketing.

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