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Linus Idahosa: Reinventing Nigeria’s Creative Industry – Guardian Life

A recent article by Guardian Life has highlighted the disruption in the Nigeria creative space that is heralding a new era of growth and innovation.

The founder and CEO of Del-York International and Del-York Creative Academy, Linus Idahosa is at the forefront of this uprising due to his tenacity and drive to fix gaps.

There was a rising need for local talents to be cultivated so as to provide a very much needed service and curb the menace of outsourcing jobs that could easily be executed here in Nigeria, this led the the establishment of Del-York International, an international creative media agency with offices in Lagos, Nigeria and California, USA.

Idahosa’s  work on Inside Africa, a CNN project that required him to convince corporate organisations to advertise with the news network brought a realization that Africa’s share in the global trade for creative products is still less than 3 per cent and at Del-York academy, this is the gap we intend to close

“Most of the creatives I worked with while with CNN were produced outside of Nigeria and some of our clients were spending thousands of dollars to shoot in studios in Paris and other places.”

Read the full article on Guardian Life here

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